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Our rates start at a very affordable per audio minute, making sure that you can order transcriptions even every day, if you need to.

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Professional Transcription Services in 50+ Languages

Forever Transcription is home to online Professional Transcription Services that are acclaimed, highly accurate, and pocket friendly. At affordable and reasonable prices, you can trust our services for your important professional needs round-the-clock. We specialize in professional transcription services for academic, legal, and business matters. We have transcriptionists who are adept in nearly every field-specific voice-to-text requirement, our diverse clientele have.

We are able to reach all continents of the globe, because our expert transcriptionists are masters of over 50 spoken languages. That is, virtually every language in the world!

Professional Transcription: Our Service Features

Affordable- Know that your professional transcription services needs won’t break the bank. With Forever Transcription, you can count on us for your regular, even constant transcription needs. Our rates are very affordable prices on audio minute basis, making sure that you can order transcriptions projects to us whenever you are in need.

High Security and Confidentiality- Your transcription needs are in very good hands. We provide a non-disclosure agreement with each transcription order, ensuring that your audio or video documents will be treated with utmost care, security, and confidentiality. With our team, your documents are in good hands.

24/7 Customer Services- Forever Transcription’s staff are also highly reachable and absolutely communicative, available 24/7. For all concerns regarding professional transcription services, we are reachable via online chat, and toll-free numbers for US, UK and Australia. You can be sure that your orders will be received on time, every time, all the time. We also have a call back option, should you need that.

Free Trial- ALL our new clients can take advantage of a FREE TRIAL worth FIVE MINUTES, to test if you are happy with our services. With value like this, you can rest assured that we take your concerns into consideration.

Free Quote- As you consider our services, you also get to take advantage of a free quote for professional transcription services, on top of the free first five minutes. Experiencing our high quality transcriptions is simply convenient, and a great value for your money.

Experienced Transcribers- Forever Transcription is powered by dedicated transcribers, making sure that we deliver your transcriptions within the preset time frames that we promise. Our transcribers have both experience and expertise to deliver the best professional transcription services.

Rush to Super Rush Turnaround- If you need your professional transcription services even faster, we also have Rush to Super Rush Turnaround options. These will let you have your transcript within just hours after you place your orders. So if you have a deadline to beat, you’ll know you will get your transcript in your inbox, and just in time.

Simple Process- Our simple process of placing orders for professional transcription services will also let you relax as we do the work for you. Simply:

  • 1. Upload your files
  • 2. Wait for your free quote
  • 3. Pay online if you’re good to go with placing an order
  • 4. Receive your transcript by email. Presto! Beat your deadline as soon as you receive your transcript.

Who Can Benefit From Professional Transcription Services?

Whether you are a proprietor of a business organization, an executive for a corporate enterprise, an academician, paralegal, or any independent professional, we provide you with a practical professional transcribing service that is at par with the highest standards in the industry.

World Class Professional Transcription Services

We are powered by hundreds of professional transcribers that have years of solid experience in the business. Our track record for thousands of happy customers served, with millions of minutes transcribed, makes us a leading Professional Transcription Company today. Being ISO 9001:2015 standards, we stand firm with a commitment for world class standards.

Our professional transcribers work with modern tools and resources. We are proud to deliver error-proof transcripts every time, and conveniently straight to your email. We support all forms of transcription professionals need, and with a guarantee for confidentiality, security, and above accuracy. As an added bonus, all our new customers are entitled to a 5-minutes absolutely FREE TRIAL. You will love our professional transcription services by the minute!

Professional Transcription Services Details

Our impressive customer base love us for our simple yet comprehensive processes for professional transcription services.

Through a basic UPLOAD portal, customers can send us their source files that need work for professional transcription services. Our customer support team are up and about 24/7 for 365 days in a year to provide clients a FREE QUOTE for projects. Once a customer wisely decides to avail of our professional transcription services, payment may be made securely through safeguarded systems. Payment methods are flexible from PayPal to debit cards, and all major credit cards. Finally, receive your results for professional transcription services within preset time frames. We have you covered for rush to super rush urgencies, even for large volume online orders.

Forever Transcription provides professional transcription services that are customer-focused. We try to obtain feedback, and better our services everyday. For your inquiries, feedback or to get a FREE QUOTE, talk with our representatives today. You may easily reach us through the toll free HOTLINES for US, UK, and Australia. Otherwise, we have a CALL BACK option, should you wish to be contacted at a more convenient time.

Our online LIVE CHAT platform makes it easy for clients anywhere in the globe to connect and receive timely services.

Why Choose our Professional Transcription Service

We prioritize our clients and provide them top-of-the line services using our best skills, management techniques, and quality assurance methods. You can rest assured of the 100% professionalism we incorporate in each of your transcripts.

We value your time, money, and trust. We give back through genuinely competent services that are unmatched in speed, affordability, and precision.

With Forever Transcription, professional transcription services are guaranteed to produce the best quality results. Beat deadlines, boost the accuracy of your documentations, keep a record of ideas the professional way.

Enjoy truly professional transcription services today through Forever Transcription's fast, high quality, and high accurate transcriptions.

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