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Aside from our affordable transcription services, we make sure to build a long lasting relationship with our clients.

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Legal Transcription Services

As a company that provides a wide array of quality transcription services, we have professional legal transcriptionists with extensive experience who can provide reasonable transcription for arbitration hearings, depositions, administrative hearings and more. CALL our 24/7 customer today and we’ll help you in every step of the way. You can also talk to us through our ONLINE CHAT.

Our Legal Transcription Companies in US, UK, Canada and Philippines can provide you the following services:

  • Depositions
  • Testimonies
  • Administrative hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Legal Pleadings
  • Police interrogations
  • Motions
  • Mediation briefs
  • Legal examinations
  • Summons
  • Court Proceedings
  • Examinations under oath
  • Brief
  • General Correspondence
  • Notes
  • Sworn Statements
  • Wiretaps
  • Minutes meetings
  • Judicial Hearings and many more

Legal Transcription Companies Philippines

Because of good work ethics and proficiency in the English language, it's not a surprise that there are so many transcription companies in the Philippines today. Our legal transcription company in the Philippines is the leading provider of high-quality transcription services in Asia. Our fast turnaround time and ISO-grade services helped numerous law practitioners, fiscals and other law enforcement agencies.

If you're looking for the best Legal Transcription Companies in the Philippines or in Asia, CALL us today and we'll help you in the best possible way. Or connect with us through our ONLINE CHAT.

Legal Transcription Companies UK

We specialize in legal transcription services in UK. Our extensive experience in providing premium transcription for legal professionals and government officials has given us a strong foothold as the leading legal transcription provider not only in UK but also in the whole continent of Europe.

Legal Transcription Companies US & Canada

We have a dedicated legal transcriptionists focusing in the North American market. They have a thorough understanding of the legal terms and verbiages in the law system of US and Canada. We provide cost-effective and fast delivery times for all legal transcription projects.

Legal Transcription Outsourcing Companies

Enjoy the following benefits when you outsource your legal transcription services from our company:

  • Accurate Transcription. It's our lifelong commitment to give exemplary services to our clients. We want to be an instrument to your success through our premium legal transcription. As such, all projects that we partake are guaranteed to be high accurate and precise. Don't get fooled with the promises of other Legal Transcription Companies, we are the leading company for the most accurate transcription services.
  • Confidential Transcription. We build a long lasting relationship with our clients. Rest assured that all personal information are secured and treated with highest confidentiality. All files relative to legal proceedings are considered to be sensitive; hence, only authorized personnel have access to it. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement for you.
  • Fast Transcription. What sets us apart from other Legal Transcription Companies is our fast turnaround time. We fully understand the urgency of your projects so our team work around the clock to deliver all transcription files. For rush and super rush projects, CONTACT our 24/7 customer support and you'll be amazed of our quick delivery times.
  • Affordable and Lowest Rates. Our Legal Transcription Companies are trusted by thousands of customers not only because of our superb service but also because of our affordable pricing. Get a FREE QUOTE today and let's get started with your transcription projects.
  • Secure Transcription. Our website is equipped with the latest encryption technology to ensure all transmitted files to our Legal Transcription Companies can't be opened by any third party entities in the internet.
  • Our Legal Transcription Companies have transparent pricing and no hidden cost. Rest assured that there's no extra charge or any hidden cost with our premium transcription services. All guaranteed to be straightforward rates. UPLOAD your files now and get a FREE quote.
  • Professional Transcription. We are proud to say that all our transcriptionists in our Legal Transcription Companies in US, Canada, UK and Philippines are highly trained and experienced professionals. They do all transcriptions quickly and accurately. We have set standards and guidelines to our entire transcriptionist staff to follow. This is infused with rigid quality assurance methods to give you the most professional transcription services.
  • Quick Turnaround Time for our Legal Transcription Companies. Time is of the essence. Customers are guaranteed to receive their files in the shortest possible times. While turnaround time varies on the magnitude of the project, video and audio transcriptions are normally delivered within 24 hours. In fact, we even accept rush and super rush deadlines. CALL now to get a FREE QUOTE.
  • Simplified Process for Legal Transcription Companies. Another reason why most legal practitioners prefer our service is because of its simplified process. Best case in point is our 24/7 customer support where you can easily inquire about the status of your projects, make revisions and check other reports. From simple ordering process to delivery, we take away all the hassles from you.
  • Get your transcription services from our Legal Transcription Companies in the US, UK, Canada and Philippines. Our expert legal transcriptionists are well-versed with the terminologies in the legal profession. They are touted as the best among the best and the cream of the crop in the field of legal transcription.
  • Our unparalleled attention to detail and world-class services have made us the top choice for legal transcription of attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals in many parts of the world. Our Legal Transcription Companies have made a mark in the global arena when it comes to premium transcription services.
  • We also take the initiative to develop a one-on-one approach with our clients to give us a better understanding of their requirements. You may find other Legal Transcription Companies for your projects, but you cannot find a company that is as passionate and committed as we are.
  • UPLOAD your files now and enjoy all the benefits from our Legal Transcription Companies. If you still have questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to CALL us. We'll help you from the start of your project up to the end.

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