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1.What is standard turnaround?

The most important thing that anyone would look for while hiring the transcription service from a company is the standard turnaround time. It is very important that the standard turnaround time must be reasonable and quick as much as possible. At the same time, the quality of transcription must never be compromised.

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2. What does PayPal verified seller mean?

Pay pal verified seller mean, the seller is thoroughly verified by paypal for all identification and certification. Only a verified seller is trustworthy to make any transaction processes without any hassle. Forever transcription is the paypal verified company that makes reliable transactions with our clients from across the world.

3. How do I get transcription price quote?

Price quote will help to get a clear idea about cost of the project. It will also help the client to manage and plan their budget. Moreover, by getting price quote one can also compare the services provided by different companies. To provide the flexible services to our clients, forever transcription offer transcription price quote to our clients online.

4. How can I get online audio transcription?

Forever transcription to ease the transcription services to our clients, provide flexible online audio transcription services. We have made our portal an easier place to simply upload your files by just a click on the upload file button or just mail us. We will quickly process your file and get back to you.

5. Who can be considered as part of non profit organization?

The special offer for non profit organization is limited to English transcriptions only. Non profit organizations are required to submit the non taxability certificate while uploading their file in our website.

1. The following are considered as a non profit organization:

  • Trust
  • Charity
  • Human Services Programs
  • Medical Aids
  • Foundations
  • Social Advocacy Organizations
  • Cooperative Organization
  • Veterans Organization
  • Professional and Trade Organizations

2. Management people working in a non profit organization.
3. 10% offer for non profit organization
4. Students and individual employees working for a non profit organization are excluded from this offer.
5. To know more about this amazing offer, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support through online chat or toll free hotlines.

Note: Rates would vary based on audio quality and number of speakers.

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